A Powerful Book about the Next Generation

This book is long and well researched. You will be amazed at what you learn about the next generation (Millennials). It’s obvious to everyone that they are addicted to the their smartphones, but this book drives that point home in more ways than one. This isn’t an easy read but it is worth it if you want to understand the next generation.

Turkle also discusses the anxiety this generation faces because they no longer have face-to-face conversations. They’ve become accustomed to editing everything they say before posting it online and in text messages. They are no longer confident carrying on an impromptu conversation!

Much later in the book she discusses the Internet and how much of our personal information is truly being sacrificed in order to be “online.” It is very important to read this information.

Turkle took a moment to tell us about her experiences using the library as a child, and I really appreciated what she said:

“My grandmother wanted me to understand that I could take out any book. But the books would be a secret between me and the library. No one had the right to know the list of books I read.”


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