I snapped this photo from my office today. My office is in the staff area so most patrons don’t get to enjoy this view very often. But, you can still be seated in the reading room and look up at the gorgeous sunlight streaming in!
Those of you who are old enough might remember the second (technically third) floor of our old building was the non-fiction section. If my memory serves me correctly, the shelving was avocado green and there were a few seats available for those who wished to study. I think about the hours I spent up here studying for exams. The lighting then was yellowy-brown and very uninspiring, but it still felt like home.

I am amazed at the way the sunlight just pours into the building now. Looking up at this reminds me of our new minimalist/Marie Kondo-like society. When I look at it, I immediately think of peace and tranquility. It makes me calm and happy. And the best part? It is my home. It is YOUR home. It is here for you whenever you need peace and quiet. Come in, look up and breathe. Just another free service from your local library. Come “check” it out.



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