What is Streaming?

Streaming is pretty hard to explain and to understand! We often hear streaming mentioned alongside services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora or Amazon video.  But how does it work?! Let’s break it down using some simple terms.

Firstly, streaming requires an electronic device (computer, smartphone, smart TV) and an Internet connection (wi-fi).  The Internet connection is like an invisible line to companies like Netflix (more specifically their servers). From there, our device plays a tv show (or music) live. If the line (Internet) is cut off, we lose our connection and can no longer watch the show. This is much different than downloading, where, we would retrieve a movie, download it and not need an Internet connection to view.

Did you know your local library takes part in streaming as well? Through our eZone catalog (or Overdrive app) card holders can stream a small selection of movies for free! Check it out: eZone.

Care to learn more? Join Kristin for a free class about streaming on Monday May 6, 2019 at 10:30am. We will meet in the community room. The presentation is for those who are considering cutting cable and moving to a streaming device or smart TV. Kristin will have a device for you to see/use and will stream Netflix and Youtube! Sign-up not required, just show up.

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