Meet the Staff – Board of Trustees

Hello! My name is Magdalen Chianese. My friends call me Madge and I have been involved with the library all my life. When I was young, I loved reading all the Nancy Drew Mysteries series that were at Rogers Free Library!  As an elementary teacher I started a program with my school and the library. Each week a different class (grades 1 -4) would walk to the library, hear a story, and then check out books for themselves. This program became very popular with the students and lasted many years.

I have been a Trustee since 1995 and I have been happy to serve in that capacity. It was exciting to be part of the process and decision making when the new library expansion was constructed. The director and library staff have always been so courteous and helpful. We are blessed to have such wonderful staff.

I have two grandchildren and I look forward to taking them to story hour and getting them involved in the summer program as my own children did when they were young.


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