Smart Ways to Use

One of the many wonderful resources we have to offer is Lynda Online Courses. With your library card you have access to over 14,000 courses. Imagine all the possibilities!

Here are some things you should know:

  1. In order to access Lynda courses, you need a Rogers Free Library library card.  If you don’t already have a card, be sure to sign up HERE.
  2.  You will need  your pin to access the courses. If you need to reset your pin, click HERE.
  3. Getting started is easy. Simply visit our website and look for Lynda Online Courses.





Once you are logged into Lynda, you might be a bit overwhelmed by all the awesome content. We suggest the following:

  1. Use your mouse and hover over library and a large menu will appear. It is a nice overview of the collection! The broader topics are to the left. When you hover over each one, a larger, more detailed menu will extend to the right.

2. From here, choose a topic and click on it. Many videos will appear. We suggest using the playlist feature, which is designated with a “+” sign. This feature allows you to save courses by the name you choose, say, Marketing for my Small Business or Topics I’d like to try on a rainy day.

3. Also, notice the side menu. For those who are beginners on a topic, you may want to consider filtering courses by beginner skill level and vice versa.

We hope you enjoy these free classes. Our subscription to is made possible by the generosity of the Friends of the Rogers Free Library.



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