She’s Started it!!!

If you wander into what we call “the old building” you’ll see a portrait of a lovely young lady. Her name is Maria (DeWolf) Rogers and she founded this building! In 1877 she hired architect Stephen C Earle to design the building in honor of her late husband Robert Rogers. During that time many libraries required paid memberships. The reason our name is Rogers FREE Library is we were founded as a free (or public) library. Borrowers could sign up for a library card and borrow from our collection, free of charge!

Think Outside the Box!

Do you ever feel like you should be trying a new author or genre, but never know where to start? Do you want to read something outside of your comfort zone? Do you feel like you might be missing a really good book that is tucked away in our stacks?! Well our staff can help! Every couple of weeks our librarians think of themes and place them on display. Our staff pick/display area is located on the main floor near the stacks. Don’t miss them!

Lego Building Makes Us Smart!

Lego building is not just for fun. Lego building helps children with motor skills and critical thinking among other important skills!

Check out this article about Lego building.

We have some very talented children in our Lego club. Their designs are currently on display in the children’s room. Don’t miss them!


Our Very First Blog Post!

2017 has been a busy year for us so far! We are knee deep in strategic planning! We are so excited to map out our future!  Along the way, we’ve been dabbling in old photographs! Look how far we have come!! Remember that old, small building? How did we ever house a big collection in a tiny area? Well we DID it and we did it well!