Staff Review

Leadership in Turbulent Times
by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Goodwin investigates how four presidents who each entered office during a national crisis and how they successfully guided us during that time.   

Abraham Lincoln entered office with as the nation on the verge of civil war.  Teddy Roosevelt assumed office after the assassination of president William McKinley to inherit a Coal Strike. Franklin D. Roosevelt entered office facing a financial crisis. 

Lyndon B. Johnson became president after the the assassination of president John F. Kennedy and he was able to engineer the passage of more civil rights legislation than any other president.  

All four men were brought up in various circumstances in their early life.   And, they each had their own reasons for entering office.  But, all four wanted to work for the greater good.  

Goodwin writes in a format ( I have never been one to pick up a history book.) that made it easy to follow the political machinations of the time periods involved. – JW