FAQ – How Can I Get My Child to Jump Into Summer Reading?!

How Can I Encourage My Child to Jump into Summer Reading?

Did you know, a great way to support your child’s summer reading practice is to let them choose their own books? Children and teens who choose their own books are more likely to find books they love, and people who read books they love are more likely to become lifelong readers.   

We have a marvelous universe of books available for summer reading in the Children’s Room at RFL! Browse our picture books, early readers, graphic novels, chapter book series, and top-notch fiction and nonfiction books. Need a launchpad, a place to start? Look for our READ MORE Rhode Island Children’s Book Award displays. The RICBA is a children’s choice award.  Each year students in grades 3 to 5 vote on their favorite book from a ballot of 20 selections nominated by a panel of librarians, reading specialists and teachers. Likewise, the Rhode Island Middle School Book Award winner is chosen each year by students in grades 6 to 8. So, if we’ve marked a book with a RIMSBA sticker or RICBA sticker, you’ll know it’s a stellar choice for summer reading!

And if you really don’t know where to start, our library staff can recommend excellent books and proven authors for kids who would rather do anything other than read this summer – and for kids who would rather read than do anything else! 

Big thanks to staff member Kristen Q for this great advice!

Summer is Coming!

Summer program starts up in July. We have programs for adults, teens and children. Take advantage of those long summer days and read away! Going on vacation and don’t want to lug hardcovers? Borrow an e-reader or tablet from us. The sleek devices fit nicely into your purse or carry-on. Can’t stand the heat? Sit in our air conditioned building and read away. Get lost in the stacks. We don’t mind!

Seriously folks, summer is a great time to fall in love with reading again. Summertime is key for allowing children to read for fun while they are on vacation!  We will provide lots of reading incentives this summer as well as educational programs and events.  Don’t miss it!