Tip from the Librarian

  The Ocean State Libraries Catalog can be very helpful.  When you find the book that you are looking for, scroll down to see reviews,  a summary, a bio of the author, book profile tags and reading level. The book profile tags will link you to more books like the one you have looked up.  Wow! There are even more books to read. 

  The next list is the books chosen by the same reading level, which can be very handy when searching more that the reluctant reader can just slide right into!

   Using the lookup using the Lexile score can be tricky if you are not sure of the Lexile score which is not the same as the scoring system used in the BWRSD.  So here is a link to a useful chart!



Happy reading!


Quick Tip!

Ocean State Libraries Catalog

Librarians love to be efficient. And we bet you do too! We realize time is precious, so, now our system automatically renews your items! Remember, this applies only eligible items. If an item is on hold or non-renewable, it will not be renewed.

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